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Crossroads:Dos vidas en el umbral y un muerto

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Opening Gala: July 20th, 7 PM
Shows: July 23rd, 5 PM / July 24th, 2 PM

At The Theatre Center

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Under the guidance of our Artistic Director Francisco Orta Crossroads is the outcome of an integral training project of NewTeatro where in two pairs of directors and actors are given the opportunity to polish and present a solo piece of theatre.

Letticia Recalde Directed by Genaro Vasquez and Olga Parra directed by Luis Rojas

The program not only gives the opportunity for the actors to direct but also to work in their own wardrobe, lights, music and stage design. In this pilot presentation, Olga, Leticia, Genero and Luis made their own artistic decisions involving a staging of a play, from beginning to end.

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Olga Parra

Olga was born in Colombia. She is a passionate for theatre, ballet and singing.

She has been part of different productions and plays within Canada such as Bodas de sangre and Noches de teatro l and ll.  Olga also has taken part of La Tuna Lazos de Amistad and is the author of different pieces among wich is the very acclaimed La propuesta.


Genaro Vasquez

He began his theatrical career in the 80's. Studied Dramatic Literature and Theater, Mexico.
Has participated in performances, TV shows and Soap operas in Spanish and English in Mexico for Televisa.
When working as International Production Manager in Mexico, had the opportunity to work with Anthony Hopkins as recording session coordinator, as well than for Martin Campbell in the production of "The Mask of Zorro".
As voice over talent has participated on records and Radio Shows internationally; he also has lend his voice, acting in the Spanish Dubbing Audio Replacement market for companies like FOX, Warner Bros., Dream works; being the Spanish voice in Latina America for Disney's Lion King's character of "Rafiki", and thousands more. 
On the commercial side has lent his voice to TV Networks like: Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, TNT, Cinecanal, Moviecity, and an enormous list of clients and products.
He recently participated as an actor in the series: "Urban Legends" for the History Channel and has participated in a couple of performances in Toronto. 
Currently you can listen him on the Toronto Hispanic Radio as anchor of a show.

Luis Rojas
Letticia Recalde

Letticia Recalde